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Another Bay Area shrimp convert!


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Hey TSS folks,


I've gotten such great usage out of the forum and knowledge so far (thanks everyone!), I never formally introduced myself. I'm in San Francisco and running a nano tank on my desk, a 6 gal Eheim Aquastyle. I've been around aquariums for a while, but fairly new to planted and shrimp tanks. This is the first tank that was researched from the ground up; previous tank was a 29 gal angelfish and red-eye tetra tank.


I just picked up a starter colony of RCS for about 23 total, and testing 8 OEBT (5 are culls). Fish are Rocket (clown) killifish, Celestial Pearl Danio and Dario dario. Goal is to have both shrimp colonies thriving and breeding through the course of this year. Always happy to make new friends so if you're in the area, especially SF, happy to meet and talk aquatics!


Current pic below. Over the coming weeks, I'll be doing incremental re-scaping by significantly trimming back the left side to produce a more open foreground, ideally Staurogyne repens carpet. Initially I wanted to go for a jungle look and got it, but now want to try and allow more room for activity. Also, this tank is a nutrient sink being fairly plant dense and I feel like I should be a little pickier about the plants I keep so that they're not outcompeting each other for light.


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