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Columbus, OH

TDS: 145-190, has varied over time

GH: 6 dH

KH: 2 dH

pH: 7.8

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Royal Oak Mi  85-102 since I started checking. 

Water department claims it is always 100 tds and GH 6. 

What is the hardness of my water?
Depending on the manufacturer of your appliance, you need to know the ppm (parts per million) of your water or the "grains of hardness".  SOCWA water runs consistently at 100 ppm or 6 grains of hardness.


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Well water sandpoint well, Montana. It comes out of the tap so does that count? 590. Mostly kh, and probably glyphosphate. PH 45637389234.4. Very alkaline. 1 micron sediment filter and 2 carbon blocks, 2 tds. Priceless. 

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San Francisco, CA

TDS: ~100

pH: 8.5 straight out of tap; 7.2-7.4 aged 48 hours

gH/kH: 0/0 (if I recall correctly but will confirm)

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straight and aged tap
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