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How do I know if a phenotype is worth isolating?

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Hi all,

New to this shrimp genetics stuff. I've always just bought one strain and let them breed by themselves without culling or whatever, but reading through some of the threads here has really inspired me to do some stuff with my shrimp. I currently keep supreme reds (original stock from speedie) and I never felt the need to cull anything because every shrimp was so solidly colored for the past 2 years it's kinda crazy. Anyways, the tank they're in right now is low key being neglected because I'm only back on the weekends to do quick maintenance and I'm pretty sure my plecos and tetras have been doing some major population control. Finally had some time to do some heavier maintenance on the tank because it was spring break and I noticed a few interesting shrimp. Some of my supreme reds are REALLY dark like blood+dried blood to the point where they almost look black. Highly evident in the females but I spotted a few males which had similar coloration. I googled around and it's like the dragon variation you see with bee shrimp. (wine-red-shrimp-information-wiki-wine-re


Disclaimer, I was using my phone camera and my tanks are in a really badly lit room + lots of algae on the walls made getting a decent picture difficult. 

anyhow here are pictures I managed to take...








and then I took a peak into my blue velvet tank which has gone through multiple bottle necks (some toxin or contaminant killed off my entire colony leaving only 3-5 survivors and a heater malfunction a while back led to a similar bottleneck AKA my blue velvets have a greatly diminished gene pool LOL. 

I spotted this guy next to a regular blue velvet, she's a nice yellow green.



My question is 1) is the whole dark red coloration in cherry shrimp common? 2) are these traits that you can breed out? or are they more likely linked to their environment? 3) what's the best way to start breeding these sort of traits out? 

Interested to hear what you guys have to say! :)

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Neil, funny you should mention this.  I'm about to selectively breed my pfr that have the black on them too.

Current theory is the black comes on as they get older.

I'm skeptical about that though.  I'm actually thinking this is the way the now extinct Kanoko strain was created.

If you find something interesting, feel free to breed it out.  Lots of hard work, space, money and tears- but well worth it emotionally if you succeed. :)

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Interesting! I have a few of those marina HOB breeding boxes so I'll set one up and throw in all of the darker colored guys and see what happens :). Would it be preferable to have the shrimplets grow up in the breeder box or the main tank? I threw in a bunch of narrow leaf java fern and cholla wood and anubias to give the shrimp more hiding space so they'd stop getting hunted by the other fish. The Kanoko pattern looks so cool! I'm going to let my guys breed and see if the dark coloration is even genetic, I'd be happy if I could just get them to consistently produce dark colored adults. I also don't think it comes with age because I have a bunch of adults in the colony that have the usual supreme red coloration, these darker ones really stick out in terms of coloration. 

Any thoughts on the blue velvet? I haven't seen another female or male with similar coloration. In these sorts of cases would I just leave the female to breed and hope that more of that coloration crops up in later generations? Or would I have to isolate that female, get her berried, and raise/cross her progeny to see if the coloration pops up again? 

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had a bit of time today and netted 3 of the darkest females and 3 of the darkest males and put them into a large hob marina breeder box. Didn't have time to snap any pictures but up close the dark markings are really something. Will update next week when I go home and get some pictures

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Bump. Very interested, anything happen with the green velvets or kanokos?

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On 26-3-2016 at 1:48 AM, Soothing Shrimp said:



One of my favorite shrimp strains of all time.

Like anything else, shrimp go in fads.  Not enough interest in the kanoko, and the strain died out.

Wast it really due to not enough interest or was it too expensive? 

Bruh if i saw that shrimp on sale and the price is/was right i would had immediatly bought a group of it! Soo beautiful

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It's like anything else I suppose.  Whatever the fad is at the given time determines interest. 


At one time the interest for neos was like cards or TaiTiBee are now.  A new neo type could fetch $100 ea with only fems sold. 


Now, the going rate for a new strain is $25 ea retail on the high side, and around $15 ea when hobbyists are involved.


One day I would love to see own some from someone who recreated the strain.

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