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ID this shrimp please.


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I got this from a LFS. The label reads Tiger shrimp. But I don't think its the Tiger shrimp that we are familiar with.

I have Tiger shrimps too which is shown in the second image. As you can see, the stripes are totally different.

What shrimp is this? Its not expensive or exotic either. Its priced slightly above Cherries, but still cheaper than low grade CRS.




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I wished they're the same, but I don't think so.

Here's another pic.

My unknown Tigers have 4 stripes - the Trifacta have only 3.

And the thorax of my Tigers are somewhat smaller, elongated - the Trifacta's are bigger, rounder.

And most of all, I got these for $12 for ten pieces. The Trifactas price range is off the scale compared to what I paid for this - unless the staff made a mistake and forgot to add a zero behind.



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Not sure what those are but they're very cool with bold defined stripes. Oddly it seems to have a Neo body type.

$1.20 is cheap for any shrimp...especially at an LFS. Every pet store I go to sell regular cherries for $3-$4. Don't let the price determine the value of shrimp. That seems very exotic on the fact I have never seen them before.

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Not sure what it is, and this is just a thought, but it looks like a translucent panda shrimp to me. Whatever they are, they're beautiful! But if they are in fact tigers, maybe try a cross with a TT or some other colorful tiger to see what comes out? You might see some interesting shrimp!

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Sorry no clue here but I really like them. I rarely see shrimp at LFS around Boston and when i do they want crazy prices like $8 for cherries. Enjoy these, they look great. Hopefully they breed for you.

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Thank you all for your replies. I really do appreciate you taking the time to look at it. And while there have been several PMs on where I got it from, I thought I'd just put some details here.

I'm from Malaysia, so this is from a LFS in Kuala Lumpur. You'll need an import permit if you want me to ship it to you in overseas. I keep them in water parameters similar to Cherry shrimp. Have them for almost 2 months now, and one is already berried. I think they are very easy to care for, and breed readily.

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