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help me!!


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I have used that heater in 5g before and it was cool enough for shrimp, but check the temp as you may be cooking them. I know bamboos can handle pretty warm water so hopefully you're good there.

Next. The filter intake is a clearly something you need to take care of. You can buy a sponge to slide over the intake, but if you can't find one, you can:

1) zip tie a piece of fine filter bag over the intake.

2) cut a 4-5" rectangle out of some thick (1"+) filter foam, it should be as wide as the foam is thick to create a long "box" with square ends. Then cut an X from one end about 3/4 of the way through it so the intake can be shoved into the slices created.

I prefer the second method, although it's much easier to mess up.

Last thing, I know bamboo shrimp need pretty hard water. Are you doing wc/top offs with RO/DI or tap? Remin or no? They're best with a pH of 7+, but I have heard of people having success down to 6.5. However as I mentioned, they prefer hard water so your KH needs to be somewhere around 6-8, thus your pH will likely be basic (7+). The TDS should be high compared to neos, but still only slightly (~200-~350).

Hope this helps.

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2 hours ago, evan said:

maybe still not good still a beginner with shrimp but have had fish of 5 years now

fish and shrimp are very different.  looks like an amano to me also.


do you have any idea what your water is like?  water temps?

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Yeah, that's definitely a Amano shrimp. No filter feeder hands/fans, plus the dotted flanks/sides (I've seen young Atya that look clear).

Test your pH, KH, GH, TDS and temperature if you know those.

Do you know how the other shrimp died? Was it just gone (crawled out of the tank)? Dead in the filter? Or was dead in the tank?

How long have you had the shrimp before they died? The one shrimp may have just died from stress if it died within the first couple days or so.

Pretty hard to starve amano's if you feed enough, they will scavenge anything.

Have you used any root tabs or dosed any plant fertilizer?


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