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Is a white pigmented neo possible?

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I was looking at my snowballs shrimp yesterday and noticed that some of then are super clear with neon bright white dots on the lower half of the shrimp. just like the picture you posted here smoothing. is that normal or something different I should seperate

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I think it can be done. I was actually thinking about doing this because i noticed some very pale yellow shrimp in my yellow colony. I'm sure if you selectively breed the pale yellow long enough it'll start to appear more white. I'm sure the "racing stripe" will make them pop even more. 

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1 hour ago, Soothing Shrimp said:

It may even be possible to create a pink bolt on the way to white.

Look at this picture and see if you can tell what I mean.


Huh now you mention it... i have couple of white pigmented fire shrimp too... it look like this photo bit little less white dots on it.. never thought of selective breeding though.. looks beautifull

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