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Any larger sized "Designer" freshwater shrimp?

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I do like these nice looking variations of dwarf shrimp everyone has made, just would be nice if they were a bit larger to visually enjoy their patterns and color more from afar.

Are there any larger sized (2-3") freshwater shrimp (no deadly claws! I know there are already extremely nice crays out there) that people (could) selective breed to look just as nice as some of these other "designer" dwarf shrimp?

I wouldn't mind "designer" filter feeder shrimp :) Any larger "scavenger clawed" shrimp though? Scientific names for candidates?

Not saying I'm the one to make this happen, but I personally think it would be a cool option to have (especially for those that have been wanting to keep peaceful shrimp in tanks with fish, but dwarfs end up being food).

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