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Hey all,


I have finally gotten a TB only tank up and running with a handful of blue bolts, shadow pandas and a few red bolts and goldens. When I got some of my BB in I noticed this one right away and was curious if this is categorized as a BB or pushes into the blue steel realm? Keep in mind this coloration was after acclimation and being in the tank only a few minutes. Now the white tail is very bold and the blue markings are strong but still just the same split. (lights off Ill snag a current picture tomorrow) Moving forward which females should I try and breed him with the strengthen the line?


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sure looks like a blue steel to me, I would breed back to either taitibee, shadow mosura or bb in order to get more blue steel.

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Exactly, unless the person you purchased it from knows where their Blue Bolts derived from, there is no way to tell unless you breed back as stated above.Steel Blues are Tibees and/or Taitibees, primarily the latter. 

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