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Compatible fish, with shrimp?


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Hi, thanks in advance for helping! I have a heavily planted 2 gallon nano tank with one ghost shrimp. I'm looking for tank mates, preferably solitary becuase I don't have the room for fish fry:). The tank is heavily planted, with 3 Marimo moss balls, 6 small water wisteria, and some natural decor and a cave. Ideas please? 

Tank specs are:

Tempurature- a constant 69

pH-  constant 7.8

ammonia/nitrites/all that jazz- 0ppm except for nitrates, which is about 15-20ppm usually

The tank has undergone the nitrogen cycle. 


This is a picture of the tank, to get a sense of dimensions. The flashy gravel was chosen by the youngest child in our family. 

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Most people will say nothing is 100% shrimp safe but ottocinclus.


If you don't mind a few shrimplets getting eaten tho, and youve got goood cover for the babies, most of the microrasboras are OK.   I keep chili rasboras in one of my tanks and still have a great shrimplet survival rate, but I have seen them hunting newborns.  The fish are quite a bit smaller than full grown shrimp so pose them no threat.


Ive also had pygmy hatchets in shrimp tanks and never saw them go near the shrimp, since they are surface feeders and tend to stick to the top of the tank.




That said.. a 2g tank really isnt big enough to house any type of fish happily.    Id stick to just your shrimp, or upgrade to something a bit larger.

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2 gallons is REALLY small for fish.    Shrimp have very little bioload, so its fine for shrimp. If you want fish too, I would really recommend getting a bigger tank.      Something as small as 2g is tough to keep stable and habitable for fish.    you would really open up your options, and reduce maintenance a lot if you went up to even 5.5g


3 least killis in 2g honestly seems overstocked to me.

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I've got a 15 gallon that houses tangerine tigers, blue neocaridinas, an amano, and currently a few threadfin rainbowfish. It's a pretty heavily planted tank. The thread fins are pretty tiny and supposedly their throats are even smaller than their tiny mouths, so I'm hoping it should be ok. Anyone else have experience with this type of combo? 


You can sort-of see them here in this blurry iPhone video screen shot:


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