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Blue Neos that Breed True? Need very little culling/nearly all offspring same shade of blue?

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Trying to decide what Blue Neos I would like to get.

I don't have all the time or tank space dedicated to separate culls, so I'd would prefer to get blues that need the least amount of culling, yet still look attractive (not too big of a fan of really light blue Neos that almost look clear white)


I was considering Blue Diamonds. I've heard they were produced from chocolates. Can Blue Diamond x Blue Diamond throw out chocolates? I've seen/heard blue diamonds throw out light shades, even darker/black-ish, and some that even look like chocolates, but still have blue on them. Would all those types still be considered as Blue Diamonds and sold as such even though the coloration varies? Or do the varying shades/colors get categorized as different variants (Blue Dreams, Chocolates, etc)


Not sure how accurate this graph is.


Seems like Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets are at the "end" of strain variation, so they would breed most true? Though I am sure they throw out varying shades.


Are lighter shade of Blue Diamond considered Blue Dreams? If not, what traits separate the two? Or are Blue Dreams just lighter blue versions of Blue Diamonds, but have been stabilized as a lighter blue producing strain?


What ever happened to the Sea Sky (C-Sky) Blue Neos? I don't see many people selling them. I thought they were said to be a much higher grade strain of Blue Velvets or Blue Dreams that bred 70-90% true.


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Not sure about your neos question since I only have cards, but I read that C-Sky is now Blue Crown Aquatics...



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Thanks. Yep, I was aware that the C-Sky, USA branch had changed their name to Blue Crown Aquatics. Did they change the name because of arguments about the Bloody Mary strain, or a collective reason? Didn't Blue Crown Aquatics also used to have their own website? (If they did, seems they just stick with Facebook primarily)


Right now on their current stock list, I don't see any Sea Sky blues listed. If they were as good as said to be, I would have thought more people would be breeding them out and selling them on here right now. Guess it never caught on, or they weren't really that special?

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Btw that chart isnt reliable. Its a great layout but not true on a few of the strains on where they came from.

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