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Searching for new shrimp


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Current shrimp list

1.Red Cherry

2.Red Rilli

3.Green Jade

4.Blue Dream

5.Blue Diamond

6.Black Rose


8.Orange Neo

9.Black Carbon Rilli

10.Blue Carbon Rilli 

11.Yellow Neo

12.Bloody Marry

13.Green Babaulti 

14.Snow Balls



17.Tangerine Tigers




21.Aura Blue Tigers

22.Red Tigers



24.Golden Bees

25.Snow whites




29.Black King Kongs

30.Shadow Pandas 

31.Blue Bolts

32.Red Pandas

33.Red King Kong

34.Yellow King Kong

35.Ghost Bees

36.Low Grade Red Crystals

37.Blue Tibees (snow white x aura)

38.Orange Tibees (ttxcrs-tb)

39.Red Tibees (CrsxRed Tiger)

40.Black Tibees (CbsxOebt)

41.Red Spot Pintos

42. Black Zebra Pintos





If someone has something I don't and would like to trade or sell please pm me.

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Wow your living my dream! Do you have a youtube channel? If not you should make one, you could be the next LupDiesel lol! Also it may have been easier to type the ones you want! JK JK. But i do have the orange neos with the Rili pattern if your interested.

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Shrimple if I could find some I would. I have extreme blue bolts and I can wait for some Mosura to pop up. I have one or two skeleton golden bees and I also have one blue bolt skeleton. I just don't list these as their own type of shrimp.


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3 hours ago, TheGardenofEder said:

No but they will pop up in my tb tank eventually just cross kk and bbs.

then i think u have everything :O)

cuz u will have all the species once they start cross breeding themselves.  good luck brother :O)

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African Filter Shrimp

Amano Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp

Black Tiger Shrimp

Blue Bee Shrimp

Blue Pearl Shrimp

Blue Tiger Shrimp

Brown Camo Shrimp

Harlequin Shrimp

Malaya Shrimp

Ninja Shrimp

Orange Bee Shrimp

Orange Sakura Shrimp

Orange Delight Shrimp

Purple Zebra Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Goldflake Shrimp

Red Tiger Shrimp

Red Tupfel Shrimp

Sulawesi Shrimp

Super Tiger Shrimp

White Bee Shrimp

Wine Red Shrimp



how about ones of these. I don't have any, just figured I make a list of possible new tanks for you

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Soothing Shrimp as Red Claw Macros.  I have a random sulawesi species that breeds well but it isn't very colorful.(kinda clear).

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