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Hello from New Hope, MN


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Hi everyone, I've been keeping fish my whole life, but I'm fairly new to shrimp keeping.

I don't generally do much social media type stuff, but I already learned so much from this forum that I had to join.

I've always kept aggressive , large fish like Arowanas and Cichlids and Moray Eels, but I got an issue of Amazonas Magazine from a friend, read about decorative shrimp and I was on my way.

Now I'm hooked on peaceful , planted shrimp tanks.

I look forward to discussing this amazing part of the aquarium hobby with you all.


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Dont do it! run while you still can!!! Save your money!  just messing, its a real relaxing hobby that has its challenges but once you understand the do's and dont's of shrimp keeping it an amazing feeling to see them grow, breed and thrive.


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