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My first time keeping shrimps, help!

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Priscilla Chan
Today 8:28 AM

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm hoping to find some answers/advices here from you guys! ?



Just yesterday I received 5 shrimps in a 500ml jar with 2 marimo balls and a coral fan(?) from a friend of mine and I don't know what type/breed they are or how to care for them. I have a list of questions below:


1. What breed of shrimps do I have? 


2. How often should I feed them? 


3. Why do they turn transparent sometimes? 


4. I saw an exoskeleton floating around, why aren't the rest of the shrimps molting as well? 


5. I saw one of the shrimp, using one of its longer legs to sort of "tap/scratch" it's shell. What does that mean?? 


Thank you!!





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If there's a coral fan and the substrate appears to be crushed coral and shells, then I'd say they're probably Opae Ula, not sure tho. I've never kept them, but apparently they do fine in tiny jars and little to no feeding, just some light to grow a bit of algae.

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They usually turn translucent right after they shed. They tend to darken the most right before they shed. As for feeding it depends on how many you have or if you have any fish present as they will eat the biofilm as well as fallen food or feces. If you want to feed every day you have to make sure they eat all of what you put in there or it will bring up nitrates in the water. If you go grab a small Zucchini slice it up and boil it for a couple minutes to soften then drain and freeze it. Makes an easy food source that you can pull back out of the tank after a couple hours to prevent poor water quality.

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Omg, how do I reply people? :o

Do I do it like this? 


@dazalea - Hello! :) I am getting another jar which is about 750-800ml for my 5 shrimps because I'm just starting out! I'll probably get more shrimps and then slowly upgrade my tank!


@Mr. F - Hey! Thanks for your advises! I was hoping that they'd be Opae Ula! :) 


@Dluxeshrimps - I thought I'd make them more comfortable by giving them a 750-800ml home! Hope that's alright :P 


@Vpier - Thank you for confirming! :) I have seen the video and it's really helpful! Thanks so much!


@35ppt - Hello! :) It's not a sealed container like the ecospheres. It has a lid attached which I open for around 5-6 hours to let some lamp light in. Not sure if I'm doing it correctly! So there's no telling when they would molt? All of them just seem to be scratching for food from the substrates and stoning. :o 


@Tad3r - Hey! :) I have this 1 shrimp, who's been translucent until lately it began to regain a bit of its color. Does that mean the exoskeleton I saw belonged to it? 

All of them have started to become slightly darker, could be it the cuttlebone that I fed? I have 5 shrimps, will it be okay if I feed them like, once in 2 weeks? 

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