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parasites or what's up here ?

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While transferring some yellow neos into their new tank, I noticed several of them with these white marks/growths, they may have had them for some time. Some shrimp have them on the side of the face so not just on the tail as shown in these pictures. Only about 15% of the shrimp have got them and they all appear to be swimming and behaving fine. How should I go about treating this ? Presumably I should treat the entire tank rather than just isolating the shrimp with the blotches. I was thinking of using Microbe Lift's Herbtana ? Any suggestions most welcome please !


Apologies for the somewhat low res blurry phone pics ...






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This is getting bizarre, when I caught them out their old tank I did not see these growths so thought it had just skipped by attention somehow.  I first noticed the growths when I caught them out a white drip in bucket drip and put them into their new tank. I dosed the new tank with Herbtana and when I looked at the shrimp the next day I failed to find one with any such growth.. I dosed for the next two days as a precaution, but have yet to find any trace of these mystery spots..   Baffled :)  

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