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These are undeniably a favorite shrimp of mine (besides Green Jades) and they are homebred, healthy and disease free! Limited time, limited amount available!!!

PH 7  TDS 250


$5 each


Shipping is $12 USPS Priority Mail, Insulated Box, Heat Pack - Live arrival guaranteed





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Hi Dazalea,

Curious to know if any blue dreams were shipped out? I haven't received any recent updates.

It's been a week and I have the following concerns if shipment is delayed:

1) Shipping vendors will be swamped with the holiday season and there is a higher risk of longer transit times

2) Holiday plans at stake


It would be nice if you can provide a status update and a plan to minimize the risk to the shrimps.


Thank you,


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I apologize for the delay in my reply. (Family emergency) Do u still have any Blue Dreams? My fishless cycle is complete. Hoping to buy some to have shipped to arrive by the end of this week, Saturday at the latest? Loved the moss btw. Thank you for the extra freebies also! Left you positive feedback! 

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