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Hello all. When browsing around for more information on different types of shrimp, I came across this site! I hope to be able to help this site grow as I learn more about this hobby.


A little bit about myself: I currently have sulawesi cardinal shrimp. They are the first shrimp that I got (besides some amano shrimp, which are in their own tank now), I am currently setting up a couple other tanks and hope to expand my shrimp collection.

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Gotta go big for your first ones right? Congrats if they are breeding many kill them on first shrimp experience. I have them as well. Post some pics! Welcome

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For me I killed at least a couple hundred red cherry shrimp when I started. Poor fellas I feel really guilty about not being prepared (one thin keeping fish has tafgt me is keep everything on hand you don't know what can happen.) now I have everything from CRA to BKK in one tankm(no room for more) with shrimp you grow and gain knowledge easily and fast. AO welcome!!

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