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Hello from North Raleigh NC!!


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Hello everyone,

I've been in the hobby for about six years now, but I've had aquariums with fish only since early childhood. Around six years ago a friend gifted me two 29 gallon aquariums, I was super excited to have some aquariums again and I couldn't wait to get them setup!! So I set them up with bunches of plastic plants, and little plastic decorations, about a month or two after do that, I was at a pet store and saw the live plants, at this time I was big into house plants and had around 100 of them, so I thought to myself "I can grow regular plants just fine, how hard can it be to grow a plant the is SURROUNDED by water?!?!?" I laughed all the way home and planted my plants in my aquarium and thought I was golden. About a week later my plant was dead, I thought it was perhaps something wrong with the aquarium so I went back and got a couple more, same thing happened shortly after, dead plants. Well I wised up and decided to google the care of this plant, and it turns out it wasn't even aquatic plant to begin with! So I learned at an early stage in the hobby to never, ever, buy a plant unless you know what it is, I probably wasted a bunch of money on non-aquatic plants for my fish tanks. Within about a year after finding a decent planted tank forum, I was able to learn so much about aquatic plants that it was astounding! Now fast forward to, today and I consider myself advanced in the hobby, I no longer have large drawn out battles with algae, can practically grow anything I can find and put into my aquarium, there are some things I don't like to grow like HC but they will grow in my aquarium if I had them. Its simply amazing what good quality dry fertilizers and injected co2 can do for your aquarium, I went without them for a long time, and when I did finally switch over I was shocked at the lushness and growth I was about to achieve in such a short amount of time.

Right now I have five planted aquariums, and two waiting to be planted, the two that are waiting to be planted are a 180 gallon, which will be dutch themed and hopefully house discus fish, the second one waiting to be planted is a 29 gallon and I want to do it iwagumi style, I have a very nice "Bonsai tree" drift wood from Thailand, this aquarium is already hardscaped just need the equipment for it. Here is a little info and a few pictures of each (will add pictures later on my phone, its just easier to do it that way)


Photo-period: 4pm-1am

Tank type: High Tech

Tank Size: 75g

Light Fixture: 48" Sunnova 4 bulb T5ho, Zoomed 2 bulb T5ho

Fixutre Height from Substrate: Sunnova is 21 inches above, the zoomed sits directly on the tank and is 18.75 inches above

Ferts: EI dosing

Co2: Injected via inline diffuser

Excel/Glut: spot treat for algae only

Plant Mass: Heavy

Algae: 95% algae free, have occasional BBA, usually have some GDA on my Anubias and on the lower leaves of some plants.


Photo-period: 4pm-1am

Tank type: High Tech

Tank Size: 10g

Light Fixture: 1 horizontal 26 watt cfl bulb, 1 vertical 26 watt cfl bulb

Fixutre Height from Substrate: Directly onto of the aquarium, 11 inches from substrate

Ferts: EI dosing

Co2: Injected co2 via in tank diffuser

Excel/Glut: Spot treatments only

Plant Mass: Moderate, just did a massive trim

Algae: 90% algae free, have what appears to be slime algae on some of the plants that are under the vertical fixture, this is due to excessive light I just haven't raised the fixture yet.

Photo-period: 4pm-1am

Tank type: High tech

Tank Size: 29g

Light Fixture: Sunnova 4 bulb T5HO

Fixutre Height from Substrate: 19inches

Ferts: EI dosing

Co2: Injected via in tank diffuser

Excel/Glut: Spot treatment only

Plant Mass: Heavy

Algae: 90% algae free, has some problems with GDA on the glass only.


Photo-period: 4pm-1am unless I forget to turn off the light (no timer yet for this one)

Tank type: Low tech

Tank Size: 2.5 gallon fluval spec

Light Fixture: Stock LED light that came with it

Fixutre Height from Substrate: 11 inches from substrate

Ferts: Lite EI dosing

Co2: n/a

Excel/Glut: 2ml daily

Plant Mass: Moderate

Algae: 99% Algae free think I have one bad leaf in there but not sure if it had the algae on it when I planted it or not.


Photo-period: 4pm-1am

Tank type: High tech, have a new ASA valve coming for my pb canister

Tank Size: 20L

Light Fixture: Exo-terra 3 bulb fixture, with three 26w 6,500K bulbs

Fixutre Height from Substrate:

Ferts: Ei dosing

Co2: none now, waiting on my ASA valve

Excel/Glut: 20ml per day until the co2 is hooked up

Plant Mass: Moderate right now, just finished setting this tank up Monday around 1:30am

Algae: 99% Algae free - new tank, so no algae growth.

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Welcome! At least we won't be responsible for giving someone MTS hahaha. Nice plants, I have a tree also!

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Thanks everybody! Yeah you can't give me MTS but you might infected me with shrimpitdus.

Hey H4N fancy seeing you here!!

Hahha :)

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