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Tanganyikan Inverts

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I will admit to being a Tangayikan fan and occasionally spot these from importers. Never tried them, but are certainly on the list should I have a decent enough sized tank. I have never come across the limnocaradina genus previously, but the macros I have seen. The crabs are intrigueing to me as they are completely freshwater and must be able to breed in the lake and possibly home aquarium. If they were not so large and aggressive they would be a fun oddball. From references they primarily eat the snails and also contribute heavily to the shellbeds the lamprologine cichlids have evolved to utilize. I know there are a wide range of snails that are illegal in the US, along with jellyfish and things more suitable to a marine tank then fresh. I'll definitely try these some day


Limnocaridina tanganyicae


macrobrachium moorei


Platythelphusa tuberculata female



Platythelphusa tuberculata male


Platythelphusa tuberculata female with offspring

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I'm severely allergic to jelly fish, got stung once and I was paralyzed for a few hours. Was just swimming and then couldn't move my legs, luckily my buddy was there.

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