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Hello from TN


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Hello everyone. Bryce got me to join from aquaboards/Aquabids.

I don't have many tanks due to health right now.... but what I do have....

29 gallon planted tank with a few guppies, a few creamsicle mollies, a few golden rams, and a lonely clown loach.

8 gallon planted tank that holds my small red cherry shrimp colony, only 15 made the move alive, some assassin snails, and a clam.

I have a 1 gallon long bare tank with my dwindling population of blue velvet shrimp. 3 left. So sad.

2 10 gallon tanks... One with just plants... another with the crayfish I got from bryce... btw, losing 2 babies cause they can't shed their exoskeleton. But the momma shed it like a boss.

very happy to be here. Everyone sounds so friendly.

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Actually, I'm not sure what type of clam. It's a very long oval in shape. I think it's still alive because I over feed algae tabs in this tank. And it dissolves in the water. And I think the main reason ppl have problems is its not easy to tell if clams are doing okay. Since they chill under the substrate a lot of their time. But I am not an expert.

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