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Starter TB's?


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The "fanciest" shrimp I've ever had is CBS/CRS and I am looking to get into (further into) the TB game. Is there a TB that would be considered a good starter? I have had my eyes on the blue bolts and shadow pandas for awhile now however I'm not sure if any are hardier than the other.

I've been reading the few posts about breeders and importing and their hardiness varying based on bred locations, but I was wondering if there were any that would be worth getting first to ease into it.

Also if there is a TB that is more likely to breed another variant, I would love I know. Pure lines are cool, but having a chance at a new variety while breeding sounds awesome to me

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I will start a mischling tank soon, this may be the easier way to play with TB.


I will get those from Sbarbee54


plan is to keep all the TBs and cull all F2 mischling and slowly build up the TB colony.

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Im starting with ruby redsas my 1st TB, i just got them in the tank today. The beeeder said the most impetant thing was to never let the tank temp go above 75. He keeps it at a steady 72.

We'll see how it goes!

Yes the temp go above 75 is not good for color, health of shrimps. This is also the experience with my tank and i like 74-75

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You will be good with almost any they all really take the same water parameters. Get a good setup and it wont matter really what you have in the tank. Best to start with mischlings and get a few taiwan bees. But first cycle the tank for a few months, the longer the better with these guys. Once you do that its easy.

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