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RAOK #1!!


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Here's my first RAOK as a sponsor on TSS.

What you'll get:

3 rhizomes (hint!) of anubias nana. One may be petite, but I didn't tag them so I'm not sure.


1. The person who first guesses the total number of leaves on these rhizomes shown in the picture is the winner.

2. The RAOK ends on 8/21/2014 or as soon as we have a correct answer.

3. If by the end of 8/21/2014 (Pacific Time) and we don't have a correct answer, the person who has the answer that is more than and closest to the correct answer is the winner.

4. Each number can only be guessed once.

5. The winner will be responsible for $10 shipping cost to anywhere in the US.

6. I reserve the right to modify any rules including canceling the RAOK.

Good luck and have fun!


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You were really close! And if nobody guessed 19, you'd be the winner. How about this, you'll get two guesses on my next RAOK. :)



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