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Aquatic Adventures of Triton


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So most forums I'm on I have on of these journals... just a bit of everything type journal...


I have been very busy this summer, so hoping on and reading through all the unread posts is tough.


So I can get on here and post little updates on whats changing in my fish world (and house work etc)


So... lets start this... my name is Chris... and I have a problem :)


Having only gotten back into the hobby in october of 2012 after about 10 years away (I'm 25) I am in full swing MTS


75g Tank:

Heavy Planted

3D background

2 Eheim 2215

11 Parva Rainbows

8 Congo Tetras (new as of last night)

4 BN Plecos

1 Original Platy

4 Wangenflecken



Buce and nana vals

Cory Habroseus

Chili Rasbora

Few RCS I couldn't catch when I tore the tank down to restart



Green Lightning Endlers

Pair of Apisto Wangenflecken + fry



EMPTY <- working on it


30g Breeder

Few Species #2 Endlers

Cory Sterbai

Cory Aensus

Pygmy Cory

L333 Pleco




Plant Set Ups

3 30g Breeder Emersed Set Ups

2 10g Emersed Set Ups


Access to all sorts of plants and driftwood, perks of being in a local fish club :)

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Hey guys,


How's everything going? Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get back on for a bit... been working on a $20 mil project bid that goes in this morning (fingers crossed)


Just went to the pittsburgh zoo/aquarium this past weekend, that was awesome, they actually have tropical freshwater fish there too... so I got to geek out a bit <- my finaces words LOL

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Hey guys, figured I'd do a quick update here


Currently saving up for new stands for the plant tanks, once that is done... I will be re-arranging the basement and picking up a 40g Breeder, my 30g breeder will stay the same, but in the 40 I am thinking White Calvus colony 

Tanks to Date:
75g - Rainbows, Congos, BN Plecos, Wangenflecken
10g - Chili Rasbora, few Cory Habroseus
10g - Apisto Wangenflecken, Endlers
10g - NEW Bluetail goodied and maybe a group of cory
30gB- Sterbai, Anesus, Pgymy Cories, L333 Plecos, Skiffia Francesca
40gB - IN WORKS - White Calvus, maybe group of shellies

30g Breeder (x4) PLANTS

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This I'm starting my fish wall this weekend!


Was able to grab a custom steel stand at the auction last week to hold 4 10g tanks :)


Will be picking up 2 of the 36"x18" x 4 shelf units this week, will use 6 shelves for plant tanks and the other 2 for 40 breeders (future project). The 10s will be set up with a few of my current projects :)

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