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Leaky RO Filter Faucet Connector


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Ok guys, how do I make this better...



I spend like 10 minutes every time I hook up my RO/DI unit trying to hit the "sweet spot" where there is as little spray and leakage around the faucet connector as possible. Some days I'm more successful than others; sometimes I really fail and the thing pops out, spraying water all over me and the kitchen. Even on the best days, I've got a pot under the whole thing catching the perfectly good tap water that's otherwise going down the drain.


I have two different black rubber gaskets, the one that comes with the unit and the one that goes to the aerator, and neither work very well. It seems like the threading on one/both sides is "stripped", yet I can't get teflon tape to really help - it just bunches up and/or makes the spray come out the top rather than the sides.


I live in an apartment, so replacing the faucet isn't really an option... unless it were to "accidentally" break another way, I suppose... :devil: ... nah. But I can replace the connector for the filter, I just don't want the next one to do the same thing a couple months from now.


DIY solutions? Recommendations?

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Huh, that's interesting. Any experience with how well warming/softening and shoving the tube onto/into that little outlet works? Seems like it'd be a finicky fit as well.

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Just a update on my uninvited shower. I got the new fitting (which is literally what Soothing posted - minus the waste water "back in" connector). 




in combination with




worked wonderfully where that plastic POS did exactly what you were showing. The link to the diverter valve shows that ribbed connection but it is actually closer to Soothing's link. Didn't need to warm the tubing at all and it is very easy on and off (as I can't keep it on the whole time/Girlfriend's wishes and gives less room to actually use sink).

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Yea sometimes you really have to layer on the teflon tape almost to the point where you cant thread it on. Be sure to wrap the tape in the opposite way of the way your threading it in. This keeps the threads from just unwinding your tape job, this will usually help but would be better to use something like soothing showed. They also make options that are semi permanent, anything even a metal connection is going to leak if you put it on and remove it on a daily basis even just every once in awhile. They are not made to do what we make them do with alot of removal lol.

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So I haven't been able to get to the hardware store yet, and decided to try the extra-thick Teflon tape method this morning. (Thanks for the extra info Chris, I did get much better results with extra layers of tape! The following is not your fault...)

Was going great for a gallon and a half, until... Boyfriend walks into kitchen after just getting out of bed, and at that moment, the connector pops completely off and a nice big jet of cold water sprays him directly in the chest! Unfortunately, I start laughing uncontrollably and say something like "$#*%! I knew that was going to happen!!" Which was maybe not the right reaction to his unplanned Sat morning shower...

Needless to say, I'm expected to find time to get to the hardware store today. :D

Update: 3 hardware stores later, and no one in this area has anything in 1-2 parts that will do this. (The specialty plumbing place might, but they're closed) so, I ordered the two-way switch from purewaterclub. Here's hoping for a speedy delivery and a good fit! (One of the guys did say the threading on my connector looked ok, and that it might be my faucet with the issue... Great.)

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Guys, it's PERFECT!

Look at that, here it is running, and barely a drip of wasted tap water. No frustrating screwing and unscrewing, and the aerator/regular faucet side works just fine! SO much better and so worth the $10.

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