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Anyone keep rabbit snails?


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I also keep them with my cardinal shrimp. I haven't had any luck keeping them with any "non-floating" plants besides mosses. They aren't the best janitors but their cuteness earns them their keep. I recall reading somewhere that rabbit snails and Sulawesi shrimp share a symbiotic relationship in which their slime trail or feces provides food for the shrimp. They have been cohabiting great together in my tanks. 20140909_001426.jpg20140909_001352.jpg  

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They are very forgiving, I have had them in 70F, 75F, and 80F. They definitely like 80F more. Once they are stable, you can expect one baby per month or so from each adult.





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I keep a 15g just for my rabbits. I also make them their own jello food :) I have 4 adults and a handful of babies. 38d6af589000aa6ad6c8008519da9d31.jpg

Here is some of the brood enjoying snowflake shrimp food.


The latest adult I acquired gave birth to this little cutie. It seems to have a all black face with striped yellow antenna.


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I am a big Rabbit snail fan - they are my favourite snails by far! I try to collect any different ones that I come across. I currently have the following:

  • Yellow Spotted
  • Orange
  • Dark Orange
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Thank you everyone for the photos and info. They are sooooo cute!

I have soft, alkaline water, and if I understand their needs, they should be happy enough with the addition of aragonite and a heater. Now I just need to find a way to get rid of some useless furniture and put in a rack of tanks ... who put desks and beds and things in the bedroom, so silly taking up space like that!

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Rabbit snails are my favourite snails by far. For the first time I saw them I was amazed by their cuteness. I have now orange, yellow, golden spotted and chocolate aka thunderbold rabbits in my Sulawesi tank.

Their reproduction rate is so low as mentioned here and also their growing up speed is very very slow. A newborn can give babies after 1 year in my observation. You can see my poso rabbits below.

An important info: Watch out imported poso snails that you have purchased as they might carry leeches. Unfortunately I was not very careful and I welcomed some poso snails with leechs on them and now I am trying to take them out one by one. You can see my treatment video also below which I believe is very important for poso keepers to keep in mind.










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My filter mats arrived, so I finally have the snail tank set up and cycling. This is where the water parameters settled out with aragonite mixed into the substrate:

pH 7.5 ish

GH 5

KH 3

Should I try to bump those all up? Should I add more aragonite or go straight to dosing calcium and bicarbonate? I can go either way.

Inhabitants will be rabbit snails and Malawa shrimp, so hopefully nothing particularly sensitive.

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Scrolling down to the paragraph on "thunderbolt" snails (another name for the chocolate) - I may end up supplementing with calcium hydroxide.

Edited to add: my French is not good enough to really read this, but it sounds like these guys require GH 15, KH 10.


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Stuck at home with a bad cold. I did some experimenting with calcium hydroxide, and managed to hit my target pH of 8.0-8.4 with a GH and alkalinity of only 5 degrees each. It looks like the GH didn't even budge. (No, nothing is in the tank at the moment. Just some rocks and hornwort.)

Back to the drawing board! I may just leave parameters where they are, as I don't think anyone has definitive research on that section of river. And stability > perfection.

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I see this: The water should be rich in carbonates (KH high,> 10) to maintain this decorative feature on the shell . Otherwise, it is the conventional parameters of a snail Sulawesi must be respected: pH basic > 7.4, GH relatively high (> 15) to improve the formation of the shell, and temperature hot enough, if possible above 25 ° C.



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It's usually not that hard to increase hardness if you have a spare tank - get a bag of aragonite and use it as the substrate, or put a bag of it into the filter.

I'm just not sure how to raise the alkalinity further without also bringing the pH up.

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