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Colorado says Hello


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Just checking in to the group.  I have had numerous bunches of shrimp.  At the moment am looking at the breeding of Brown, or Chocolate Cherry shrimp.  I have a few now from breeding.  The dark nearly black momma who is great at hiding possibly just recently dropped her babies,  I saw a new baby today.  But not momma, so I can't tell for sure whose baby it was.


Anyhow, I enjoy the shrimp nano world.  I have been keeping shrimp for about 5 years and dwarf shrimp almost 3.


Will be looking into keeping OEBT shrimp again.  And Tangerine Tigers as well.  Maybe trying some Crystal shrimp.







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What part of Colorado are you in?  I am in Denver

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Welcome! Nice shrimp!

I was born and raised in CO but moved away, and have since spent a good deal of time plotting how to get back. ;) Always a Broncos fan, though!

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