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2.5g first shrimp tank :) :D can't wait


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Ok so I wasn't supose to get my first shrimp tank till chrstmas, but my grandpa is going to buy the tank for me :) so by next month(after november) I should bable to get shrimp, I have DHG, dwarf sag, and java moss to but in it :) also some small rocks.

For the basics of the set up this is what I will have.

For substrate: sand

Lighting: a desk lamp of 415 lumens(not sure how to translate into watts, but I'm pretty sure its medium light for the tank size)

Filtration: a filter sponge wrapped around a air stone rated for 15g

And finally for a hardscpae, I will have a small rock srructure, and maybe a small piece of wood.

Any suggestions welcome, I am wanting to get some sakura shrimp for it and possible crystal shrimp.

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Maybe that's why? lol


anyways sounds like you going have a lot of thing going on in a small tank?


I would keep it more simple since it small or you wont ever see them.

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@meta I am going to use tao water conditioned with seachem prime, in a few months I will be moving and on well water.

@soothing thanks, I am going to try and wait alap(AsLongAsPossible) to make sure everything is good.

@miwu I like sakuras better, thanks for the tip :)

I just got the tank, and I did a short leak test and everything is good.

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Of your moving in a few months personally I would hold off insted of trying to acclimate shrimp to new water conditions. Where are you moving to some of our members may be near your new place and have an idea what your water properties will be.

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And here's what is in the tank as of now, and then what I want to be in the tank at the end of everything.

As of now.

Flora: dwarf hairgrass, dwarf sag, java moss, anubias nana(I think), some salvania, and a aponogeton ulvaeceus.

Fauna: a bunch or bladder snails.

Whai I want.

Flora: DHG, dwarf sag, java moss, anubias nanam salvania, apono ulvaeceus, java fern(I have just need to let a little guy grow some), and I want something else just need some suggestions.

Fauna: 1 assasin snail(if I can get one), bladder snails, red cherry shrimp.

I'm open to suggestions on plants or whatever.

Here's some pics of what is in the tank now.



Anubias nanapost-352-0-04951700-1415205278_thumb.jpg

Dwarf sagpost-352-0-03364900-1415205298_thumb.jpg

Java mosspost-352-0-86386800-1415205350_thumb.jpg

Pond snailspost-352-0-48985000-1415205366_thumb.jpg

And the filter( airstone with filter sponge wrapped around it)post-352-0-50073500-1415205383_thumb.jpg

aponogeton ulvaeceuspost-352-0-67266400-1415205316_thumb.jpg

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Looks like a nice start. I am not sure if you have plans for a filter in the future, but I would suggest at the very least a sponge filter. 


The one piece of advice I will give to you and take it with a grain of salt, is be patient. Your objective while your tank is cycling is produce biofilm and stabilize your water parameters for the particular shrimp species you plan to keep.


I look forward to your progress, keep asking questions it will only help you.

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Yup, I just don't get to go to my lfs much but I am wanting a small sponge filter.

Yup, I cycled the sponge before in a half gallon tank but I figured it would still need to build up more BB I am everything to grow in before adding shrimp.

Also can I get a assasin snail? I want one for the pond snails, their where more eggs on the plant then I thought.

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