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Questions on sulawesi setup


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I'm getting ready to setup my first sulawesi tank and planned (bought) salty 7.5 but also read about using a cichlid or argunite substrate to help buffer the ph. Seems the active substrate will buffer near 8ph. Will I have any issues using Salty 7.5 with that kind of substrate or should I just use inert substrate ?

Filters: I'm using a 17g tank, is a canister filter overkill for sulawesi? Or just use sponge filters?

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I just have eco complete in my tanks and am using Sulawesi 8.5.

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I used the cichlids brand and a Marco rock and my ph is high and stays there. Using 7.5 you won't have a problem. Be sure to buy from a reliable source and spend the money on express they are temperamental in shipping. I have a journal on mine if you want more reading info.


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In my experience these shrimps especially cardinals like warm water...temp should be above 80F PH of 8-8.2 is very good. You can use crushed coral (what I used) and have rocks, lava, lace or slate to make caves as these shrimps like to hang upside down under the rock caves.

As Taylor said these are very temperamental shrimps, I lost 5 of them just bringing them home in a box, even though I had the warmer on under the box to keep the temp up there. I believe there is a guy on aquabid that has been breeding them for years, so maybe his have adapted to our parameters. But ones from Asia are very delicate...be prepared for losses, but don't give up. It took me 2 times to get it right.

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What is- and does- a marco rock do?

Marco is cut from limestone if memory serves right, basically just what live rock is but is taken from the ground instead of the ocean. Alot of live rock is made like this and can be cycled in the ocean. It drives the PH high and keeps it stable and consistent. You dont have to worry about adding things and taking them away.

Works good for me and even my harlequins are still alive. Been trying to see if anyone else has them.

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