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Substrate that dont leech ammonia

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Currently, I don't have any kind of substrate except a layer of seachem matrix at the bottom of my tank. I used benibachi fulvic gain to buff the water at 6 to 6.2 ph. The reason it was bottomless was because of a bad substrate I had earlier. For some reason, my shrimps were dying of bacterial infection and I took out everything except the tank water and filter media. The daily dead stopped but since I dont have any more room to cycle/leech my ADA soil, I left it bottomless. 


Now, I want to add substrate back in but need the one that don't leech ammonia. Also, does substrate or no substrate effect crs/mischilling breeding? Because it's been a year and still no berries.





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Expensive, but I'm going on ...um...2-3 years now (?) including take down, drying in oven, storing for awhile, and setting up again- and it's still working.

I'm using remin RO and only 1 bag for a 10g.

Its still buffered that long after baking it out and reusing it again?
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The tank that I am currently cycling I am using the UP Shrimp Sand.  I love the look of this sand and it is very hard.  One of the best parts is it ships with prime for 20$ bucks great value for the weight considering almost all other substrate includes high shipping cost. I am cycling with hard tap water so the Ph is still high 7.4. This sand doesnt have any built in buffering capability it is more the fact that the granules have an inate Ph of 6.5.  So with RO water and remineralizer you end up with a low Ph 6-6.5.  But I see this substrate as long lasting which is part of the reason I went with it to avoid substrate resets every year or two.



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