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Welcome To Mayphly’s Shrimp


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First off I’d like to say thanks to Will and his team of knowledgeable mods and attendants and to all the good people here who help make this one of the greatest shrimp forums on the internet.


  My name is Andy and I live in foggy Pacifica, California where the water quality and weather are perfect for breeding shrimp. I currently have 9 different types of shrimp which I will randomly post for sale. I will post prices soon. Here is my current stock:


 Red Cherry Shrimp
Blue Diamonds
Golden Bee
Taiwan Bee ( blue bolt, wine red, bkk,shadow panda, panda, red bolt)
Sulawesi Cardinal
Tibee ( TT x CRS) & (Aura Blue X Snow White)

Taitibee (coming soon)


Here are some pics of my shrimp


I also collect rare species of moss from all over the world. I will have some of these available for purchase soon.


Stay tuned for some awesome RAOK starting in December.   :thumbsu:


Thanks for checking out my sponser page! :)


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Wow congrats Mayphly!!!!  I had no idea you were on this scale.     I will definitely be supporting you in the future.    :)    And I didn't know you had Mischlings!!!  

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Congrats! I cant wait to see the shrimp.Thanks again in advance.

Keep me posted when you want me ship them out. Thanks again!
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Thank you for co2 system.

They working great.

And plants also doing good.

Thank you!!

Glad to hear it's working out for you! :)
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can't wait to be able to purchase some!

Hey Razzy,


Welcome to the forum!

I should have more shrimp available by next month. Hopefully your tank should be ready by then. :)

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Do you know what the blue bolts egg color is suppose to be. Today I found a molt in my tank and it had 2 orange eggs left behind in the molt. The berried had been berried for about a month. Thanks

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They're usually a light cream color in the beginning of the gestation period and turn darker bluish blackish color towards the end of the gestation period. You may want to try and hatch the eggs in an egg tumbler. It may not be too late to save them.

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I know what you mean! lol! Hopefully you'll start to see some soon. I thought all my babies were gone too. Next thing you know a week or two later they start to pop up from hiding.

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