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requirements of baby shrimps


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Trying to increase the survival rate of my RCS babies.
Wondering -- what is most important factors on survival of the little ones? Food particle size, food content? Specific water parameter? Hiding places, even in a shrimp only tank?

My tank is overall stable and healthy and mature.

My first guess would be that it is feeding related. I assume biofilm takes care of them for a while, but the once a week protein and twice a week veggie that I feed may need to be adjusted, perhaps?
As the bigger shrimps eat all these foods, I was assuming the little scraps they generate are then utilized by the smaller/baby shrimps.
Is the special powder baby food I have seen worth a try?
I imagine I could increase the protein feedings, but I am not sure how much they should actually be given.

The other most likely factor, I think , could be temperature. I do have a heater, but have a couple of logistical reasons for not using it. But I could try to bump the temp up a few degrees.

Tank specs:
10 gal.
Tap water.
No heater. currently ~68F
Black Diamond Substrate.
2x13W CFL (horizontal).
Light duration: 6hrs
Plants: mosses, java ferns. Riccia. Assorted other floaters. Mystery stems.
sponge filters


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Yup, shrimps only. Not counting the unwanted snails, of course. 


I knew you guys were gonna ask about params ;)

Which I don't know.

Tap is municipal water from a lake. I believe TDS and hardness are on the low side.

I am generalizing by thinking if the params seem good for adults, they should be for babies, as well.
Perhaps this is not accurate?

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update, and more questions.


My tap is gh 2 kh 3

Shrimp tank is gh 7 kh 6

My tank is covered, so I am not sure why my params are so much higher than tap.


So... gh is in the range of 6-9, that Soothing has previously mentioned being a good range for his neos. Perhaps my neos want a lower gh?? (which I still don't understand)


I did just pick up some baby shrimp food powder, and will try that.

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Water parameters.


GH 8 is good for noes.


You never know what's in your tap water, and they may change over seasons.

If you have issue with tap water, I will suggest to switch over to RO water and remineralizer (SS GH+). adjust the GH to 8. that's all you need.

Add some crashed coral under your substrate.


Regarding juvenile food, MK-Breed shrimp baby food is great one to try.

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I feel like this is a new issue for the tank, so yeah, maybe my source water is variable.

I have always used aged tap water, but I do have a carbon block filter for my drinking water. Starting to wonder if it would be a good idea to use it, or not.


My other thought is that maybe I need a bit of a tank-redo, since it is a year old. With only sponge filters, I always have dead moss bits on the substrate, altho I do of course try to vac them up.


I really do not want to go the RO route.

But I would like to know more about the crushed coral. How much do you use? Where do you get it?

And how would it mesh with my existing black diamond sand??

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