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Almost embarrassed to ask but...

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I read about folks culling their shrimp to get better looks/genetics etc. I understand the reasons but... do snowballs have traits that are more favorable from one to the other? Is there a 'perfect' opaque white vs a cloudy or something? lol


I didn't think of it until someone of a FB page was asking where to get snowballs and someone posted that they were easy for various reasons and then added 'and you don't have to cull them for color'


Not that I may ever cull them (beg folks to take some at some point maybe) but got me thinking....

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ha ha - yellow snow :)


Ok, I was just wondering if there was a certain 'color' per say that were looked at for snowballs. Then I looked in the tank (all four still berried hurray!) and can't really see any visual trait that differs.


That striped one is cool.


One of my yellows has that neon yellow stripe down her back and I can spot her in the tank easily because of it. I'm aging myself but since it's a 'racing stripe' I have dubbed her Penelope pitstop :)

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You are correct.  Almost no culls with snowballs.  Technically it is the lack of color that causes their look.



Snowballs are actually White Pearl Shrimp.  Blue Pearl Shrimp is another color that has been bred out from Neocaridina Palmata.



In Europe they bred for another rare color- Amber.  I think it is beautiful, however I have not seen it offered in the USA yet.  Here's a pic of it from Russia.  This is a color variety that may be lost forever soon due to the popularity of Neo Davidi.  I hope some importer soon is able to offer some before the strain is totally gone.


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really? Dare to be different! :) So are there only snowballs in the tank? If so... is it just a fluke or will some actually just change (like grabbing from great great great grandma kind of thing)


Would love to see a pic


Sigh - now I want some amber neos... lol


Pretty darn close to ready for those BVs though :)

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Hey, Time to re-ignite this older thread, so,,,

To whom it may concern; I think? I may have these Ambers by pure accident! I see 7 in my 10 G. tank from a resent bag O shrimp I traded for live foods at a LFS.  I know the owner and are still trying to milk his wholesaler name out of him!

These were in the tank with Neo. Palmata "blueberry" they do not look like a faded orange or yellow either but an Amber Palmata!

Will post pics soon.

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