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Um - a tiger dipped in gold dust maybe? Or sick??


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I put in a new food for my dream blue and tiger tank. I got a beautiful purple mystery snail so I wanted to feed what the snail was used to. 


Well, these guys usually hide but that food brought them all out and I got to really get a good look at them for once. 


Then I spotted this 'tiger'. It looks like it's been rolled in gold dust, has gold down the spine, but also has black, red and white mixed in. Anyone have any thoughts?


The other tigers look like this - pretty much what I expected



The one that just came out of hiding looks like this (I really wish I had a better camera)






I used the flash to see if that might reveal anything








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Sorry not on your original topic, but where'd you get the plastic mesh dome?.........I'm thinking that will look pretty dope once the moss grows out.

ebay like poopians said, search "aquarium moss holder" they have substrate ones like in the pic and also 'floating ones' - I have both

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hmmmm, so a few on FB say this might not be a tiger. One thinks it might even be a neo.  The pic with the flash... it shows very distinct white and black markings... almost like a cbs type of color. The gold... well it is seriously gold and there is some red spots and flecks by the cheek. Those colors are more caridinia in my mind... not neo...


I am baffled.


She (or he) is in with both tigers and neos (dream blues). 


Part of me wonders if she will breed and with whom... and what will come of it.


If she is a neo and not a tiger... I wonder what crossing her with a snowball would look like? :D


But she is pretty big.. bigger than my snowball females, so I'm still leaning (with the flash pic) towards a card...OMG... I have no clue! lol

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Something bout the body doesn't look tiger to me for some reason. The shape and curves of the body I'm talking bout. Obviously the stripes are there lol. Not sure what they are but they don't really look like caradinia to me. Could be wrong though. Haven't had Tigers for over 5 yrs now. Haven't had shrimp for over 5 yrs actually.

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To me, it looks like it might just be showing more of a wild type coloration. Perhaps it wasn't noticeable before if it was stressed out at the store? I am defnitely not the expert but it also doesn't look like it's sick. Other than hiding more it doesn't sound like it's acting sick, either.

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Wild neo. :)


Wild neos look very different from the neos that are selectively bred.  This leads some to the mistaken conclusion that "my neo cross bred with *** and here's the result." or "What is this?" heh


People often say wild neos are ugly, but I think they have their own beauty.


Here's a badly taken pic of some of my wild neos:



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You will note the tan/white splotches on the sides as well.  This leads me to conclude that a white neo is possible, but would take many years to develop.  Similar to the first cherry, or first cbs.


It would also be easy enough to work with the wild neo to make them look like tigers.

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wow - I am now even more intrigued lol

Whatever she is (If it is a she) I think she is stunning in her own right.


Soothing - there is a lot of gold in your wild neos too. Mine pictured has very distinct black and white, solid colors, not snowball white. She has some red mixed in.


Yes, there were red cherries in the same tank but this one must have been pale because it looked VERY much like the others I got at the time, though it also makes sense it could have been stress that dulled her coloring.


So - do you think the other 2 are really tigers? 

post-507-0-14017300-1429459001_thumb.jpg post-507-0-54039900-1429459041_thumb.jpg


If so, I am less worried. If they are all wilds then I will have to remove them from the DB tank. If the other 2 are tigers, then I think I will wait a bit and see if she becomes berried and see if I can figure out by whom. 


I'm going to start cycling a 5 gallon so that I will be ready either way.


What would you do? 


I'm only going to be very unhappy if those other 2 are not really tigers. If they are... seems I might have a nice little experiment. It may just produce wilds... but ...if she is a wild neo and a female... I might even try putting her with a male snowball and see what happens 

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If it makes you feel better, I'd just give you some if I had some. Cheer up! Did you spend big bucks on them?

Aww thanks :) I'm already getting over it, I'm not the type to dwell.. wastes too much energy. More kicking myself but that will pass


With the help from a local friend that has been talking to me... I have a new adventure out of this! I'm setting up a 'mixed tank'. I'm going to put the three "fake tigers" as I am calling them (lol) in there and I might put a male snowball in. Then I will just enjoy whatever happens.


When life gives you lemons... right? :D

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Watch out Crazyfishlady, you sound like you are falling into the fun hobby of selective breeding. ;)

uh oh.... lol


And I've already decided that my 'mixed tank' is going to be called the lemonade stand - as a metaphor that will remind me to smile when things happen.


Look at that... a bad situation turned into an exciting one already!

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