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OMG I have hundreds of Blue Diminitus crayfish now

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Yes as the title says, my 6 Diminitus crayfish have expanded to over 100 of them...I tore down the one tank yesterday and moved several of the crays out for sale at a local auction.  Then I decided to move the other 6 adults out of the remaining tank.....WELL I gave up counting baby crays after 50....I can swirl the water in this tank and it literally snows crayfish!


From babies that look like they are a few weeks old to tiny newborns....and to make things even

worse...I have 4 adult females berried, and two young females berried...what the ???


So lesson learned.....don't buy more than 1 female of this species, they all get along very well together

and that's the problem....they don't stop reproducing.


I have approx. 30 going to auction on Sunday and that's just the adults, semi-adults and some bigger juvies.....the rest are still in my 10 gallon tank to grow up.


Anyone from Canada want Blue crays!   Come on down I can ship!

:phew:  :blink:  :blink:

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Congrats.  I hate to suggest it but if they're breeding that well they may need to become feeders or at least the culls.


I had large numbers of CPO when I used to keep them and they would have become feeders for my fish if they hadn't started to kill each other.


I'm raising my Marbled crays for my friend's as feeders, I moved 1000+ babies into a 40 gallon.  Not sure how many will make it to feeder size but I think I could move another 1000+ from my main tank in another month. 


I was planning to pick up 10 or so diminutus soon, I better reduce that number.

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I am selling out fast right now due to a local ad I ran on them. Unfortunately I cannot ship to the US, only Canada.

If you are in Canada I can ship to any Province/City.

Darn, U.S. here. Was gunna ask to ship haha


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