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How to represent shrimp your selling

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First off I'm into breeding shrimp for the challenge and enjoyment of it all, but I've been breeding fish for some time now and I know that selling off much of their offspring as afforded me the money to upgrade and improve my hobby (not to mention giving the fish everything they need).  Shrimp are a different story though when it comes to selling them most fish breed true and it's easy to describe them and give accurate information to the buyer.  


This is way down the road, but I'm trying my hand and crossing Blue Bolts to produce more blue and also crossing with King Kongs just to see how they turn out.  If I'm segregating out the offspring I want to keep and wanted to sell the ones I don't want I want to represent them truthfully when I sell them.  How would I describe them?  As culls?  As a certain grade?.


I can research to high heaven and set up tanks to be exactly precisely what the fish or shrimp needs and they reproduce abundantly for me, but selling shrimp is another whole ball of wax.


Any help would be most appreciated.

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From my experience the number one most important rule is to be honest. The best way I find to achieve this is to add pictures, but also describe the shrimp(s) as best as possible. I always let the buyer know what size, if the shrimp is a certain pattern or if it varies, if their culls or not, etc. Another rule of thumb for me is first impression is everything, What do I mean by that? Alot of times I sold Fire Red Shrimp, when really I could of sold them as Painted Fire Red, a higher grade, but everyone's perception is different. I could of lost $0.25-$0.50 a shrimp because of this, but more importantly I am making my customers even more happy because they are receiving what they ordered or better!

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Deta hit the nail on the head. 


Many shrimp can be graded.  Put the grade, add pics of your general colony and you'll be good. 


You can also add a pic of your best breeder, however be sure to have the customer realize that shrimp is exceptional.  IMO too many shady sellers put up a pic of exceptional for selling and the customer gets upset when it is not what they received.

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I thank you for your responses and what you are recommending is pretty much in line with what I believe I will do.  I think I will describe the shrimp that are breeding and even where I got them from (I think provenance is helpful in a sale) along with a few photos.  By the way Green Team that shadow panda is lovely.

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