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Pinto tank


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I just noticed I posted some double pictures. I will post some more when I get a chance. There is so many beautiful shrimp in this tank popping up here and there.The cool thing is the hundreds of baby shrimp in this tank. The last month has been a serious population explosion. Unfortunately they are hard to photograph.

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No other shrimp. Just pintos. I am wondering what I should call them. Pinto mischlings? Pinto culls? I don't like to call them culls as some of them are very nice looking Taiwan bees. I have an extreme bkk as well as some shadow mosura.

I will be selling in a lfs and decided instead of calling them culls they will be "pet quality" like they do with dogs. It sounds so much more friendly.

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Very impressive! All bred by you? If so, what Tibees did you originate these Pintos from?

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