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Inexpensive 36" LED Recommendation?

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These aren't LED, but super cheap and high light output.  I used to use LED, but when I found these I realized there was no need for LED for my 10 gal.   My tanks are planted and there is plenty of light for them.  Also smaller than most LED bars.


34 bucks



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I have a finnex also when I needed a cheap light.   grows plants fine.  I will say it died on me  within a year but customer service fixed it free and sent it back and its worked fine since.   It was probably a fluke or maybe I got some water on it .    I always like a company who backs their product though and Finnex did. 

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I have these and i love them. I've bought alot of lights and these seem to be the best bang for the buck, they are sleek in design, nice lighting for shrimp and grows plants. Plus low power consumption. ONLY 1 left! LOL hurry!

They were out of stock on this item last month when I needed one...

This will look nice on that tank and wont be too big and bulky.



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I'm looking at a spool of LED lights in my living room (impulse buy that never got used) and wondering if I can make a hood with it. Maybe wrap it around PVC and mirror the inside of the hood? The remote would allow for fish/shrimp light shows.

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