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Plant RAOK


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I need to trim some plants in my shrimp tank and I want to share them with you. I don't have a lot (it's only 5.5g tank) but you will get some amazon frogs, riccia, a couple of cuttings of hygrophila pinnatifida, some lilaelopsis brasiliensis, hornwort, susswassertang (round pellia) and maybe something else. I think it'll be enough to start a small tank.


In these plants you will also get duckweed, maybe limpet snails (very small flat snails you can see on aquarium walls, they do not eat plants) and maybe some thread algae (I'm getting less and less but it's still can be there). And maybe a baby (or a couple) fire red neo shrimp.


I'll close it on Friday Nov.6 at 10 am pacific time and draw the lucky number around noon. Then I'll ship the plants on Monday.


Good luck!


1.your name


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