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My Freakout of the Week


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Figured I would share what happened to me the last couple days. Nothing major. but it is somewhat shrimp related.


So with the thought of either setting up a new tank or redoing my current 22G I was looking up a ton of stuff and asking around for what you lovely forum people would do if you were setting up a shrimp tank. One of the things that came up was the mattenfilter so I looked it up and it looked pretty cool! I went ahead and ordered a couple (one for now and one for future shrimp projects, yeah, it's going to happen eventually) and awaited its arrival. 


When I got the email that it was shipped (YAY) and I checked the shipping status. It said that it was undeliverable as it was. I contacted Stephan from SwissTropicals (not trying to promote them, but I like to give credit where credit is due) and I got a speedy reply that they knew what went wrong and it was already fixed. Sweet! So I went back to waiting.


The day of delivery my girlfriend and I both had to work, of course, so I would return home to a box of awesome filters. I checked tracking online and it said it was delivered. I figured I would text my girlfriend, since she gets off from work earlier than I, and ask if there was a package for me.


She replied... ":(. Um so kind of weird story. When I got back the screen door was open and I thought there might be a package, but there wasn't anything by the door. So I'm not saying it was stolen, but I don't know if you left the screen door open?".


I didn't...


I have received plenty of packages from amazon, family and a few people on this forum and they are either placed between my main door and screen door or since I live in an apartment complex they will sometimes put them in a lock box and place a key in the mailbox. I was pretty unhappy and worried at that point. The filters aren't super inexpensive (including shipping) and my head was racing at the possibilities of what happened. I mean any lost money sucks.


I figured the post office would have put it in the lock box since it shouldn't have been a big package and since I carry the only mailbox key I would check when I got home. I checked and there was no key in the mailbox. I looked around and saw no sign of a box anywhere the delivery driver could have put it. I live near a park and a certain crowd usually hangs out there in the evenings, but I figured during broad daylight you'd have to be ballsy to walk up and steal it. Since this has never happened to me before now I asked around on what to do and I was told to contact my post office and ask them where the package was delivered and maybe it was kept for a later delivery.


I sent my post office an email last night and went to bed. Hoping that I would wake up to good news. I didn't. I woke up around 7:40 (when my girlfriend gets ready for work) and took a look at my phone. Apparently, the email failed to deliver. The only reason it gave was because the post office email couldn't receive it... I used their website, so wtf. Anyways I was tired and cranky so I set an alarm for 9 when they opened so I would just call them. 


Then at around 8:30 I hear the doorbell ring. First thought. THEY KEPT IT AND ARE DELIVERING IT NOW!!! The doorbell rang again and to make sure they didn't leave, I rushed downstairs and wrapped a blanket around me since I was half-naked (oolala) to have some decency. I looked through my peep hole and saw someone standing there with a box. YES!!!! I opened the door and there was a police officer standing there with a torn open box....


Here was our conversation.


Me: "Awwwww $***..."

Officer: "Are you Duffy?"

Me: "Yes I am"

Officer: "Is this your package?"

Me: "Yeah it is"

Officer: "I found it torn open in the park nearby. Did you receive anything from it or were you expecting it?"

Me: "I was expecting it to arrive yesterday, My girlfriend and I both had to work, but when I checked online it said it was delivered. My girlfriend said when she got home the screen door was opened and there wasn't anything there. Normally packages get left between the doors."

Officer: "I see. What was in the package?"

Me: "Well there would have been two plastic tubes like PVC in it and..."

Officer: "You mean like these?"


He opens the box a little bit and the two Jetlifters were sitting inside of it.


Me: "Yes! Sweet! That is them!"


I am thinking awesome! Then noticed that the foam pads weren't in there...


Officer: "Would there have been anything else?"

Me: "Yeah, there would have been two large foam pads in there too"

Officer: "No way, I have two foam pads I found near the box in my car!" 

Me: "OMG!!! that is AWESOME!!!"

Officer: "Would that have been everything?"

Me: "Yeah that would be all that I got. I bet they took the box and when they opened it looked inside and said what the eff is this? Then tossed it."


I figure they tossed the two pads (thinking they were in there for the items protection, then saw the two Jetlifters inside. Oh i wish I could have seen their face. Clearly they aren't aquarists hahaha.


Officer: "Yeah they probably thought why the heck am I stealing this? Alrighty, well I will leave these here, get my car and bring those to you"

Me: "Sounds great. Thank you so much!"


I ran upstairs and put some clothes on and when I came back down and opened the door the officer had already pulled up and handed me the filters.


Officer: "These them?"

Me: "YES!!! Thank you so much!"

Officer: "What are they for?"

Me: "they are filter pads for my aquarium"

Officer: "Bro those are huge! What size tank do you have?"


I kid you not, he said bro.


Me: "It is only 36" by 12" but it works like this"


I showed him how I was going to use it up against one side and where the Jetlifter went and its use for bacteria surface.


Officer: "Alright, cool. So curious how much were they each?"

Me: "Well the foam/jetlifter each made a kit and they were $24ea for the size I got. With shipping it came out to be $60"

He didn't say anything, but gave me this look. Like bro, you spent HOW much on that foam and pvc pipe?

Officer: "Ok, well... I'll put that down in my report"

Me: "Ok. Thank you again so much!"


He talked to me about the park and people that walk through it (which I knew about, but didn't have a problem before) and the options of a PO box or finding another spot to leave packages. I am sad I did not get the officer's name, but I am extremely appreciative of him finding the package, coming to my door and asking me about it. ALL of this and I hadn't even told the police yet that my package was stolen (I was going to wait until I had contacted the post office). He deserves a pay raise.


So long story short, I am EXTREMELY lucky and got my package back and all of its contents after it had been stolen, opened, and discarded. I will start on my remodel tomorrow and probably make a new journal for it! :D


Hope you liked my story haha.

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Sadly stealing in broad daylight is more of a common thing now or at least in my neighborhood.


People would have the nerves to open my front gate walk in and steal stuff from the front in broad daylight!


If packages don't fit your mailbox, you can speak with your mail carrier about taking them back to the PO for pick up.

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Awesome story!

Haha thanks!

Sadly stealing in broad daylight is more of a common thing now or at least in my neighborhood.

People would have the nerves to open my front gate walk in and steal stuff from the front in broad daylight!

If packages don't fit your mailbox, you can speak with your mail carrier about taking them back to the PO for pick up.

Yeah I guess people wouldn't be as diligently watching out during the day. But man idk why people have the need/want to steal... I might have my carrier place them on my back porch or try and get things shipped to me on my days off (which I do when I can)


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Crazy story! Couple years ago my mom had checks delievered via mail and someone came by and swooped them.

Glad you got all your stuff back!

Dang that sucks :(. Hopefully they couldn't cash them but that still sucks

and Thanks! I'm glad I got it all back too.


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