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Magnolia tree leaves

Shrimp lady

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With the acronyms, if you hover your mouse over the underlined letters, it will show you what the acronym means. It should help clear up any confusion.

Give it a shot =)


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I use Magnolia leaves. My shrimps don't eat them but graze on the decomposing leaves. I did not observe any deaths or negative effects.

I collected the leaves this Fall, after they turned brown, shortly before they would have fallen from the tree.

I also fed Magnolia blossoms to my shrimps in Spring. I put boiling water over them and them soak for some time and then put them in the tank.

My shrimps ate them within a few hours.


Caridina sulawesi eating a Magnolia flower.

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WOW who knew? the blossoms were soo desirable! Hah

The leaves are down now & sitting in the garden beds slowly decomposing and are attracting micro earth worms. I collect these and feed them to my smaller fishes.

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