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I have not see algae like this anymore. It is like a carpet on my tank floor.  it is not growing on any of the decor or wood.   My main question is it a type that Ottoculis will eat?   The shrimp seem to be ignoring it.   it almost looks like a gel on the bottom of the tank. 


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Yip its Cyano bacteria aka blue green bacteria

Its infact not algae but a bacteria bloom. You get these in planted tanks when not dosing enough nitrates

Best way to erradicate it is to syphon most of it out, stop all filters and spot dose with hydrogen peroxide 10% right onto the rest of the algae that hasnt been syphoned out.

You will see it starts to bubble, just leave it and it will dissapear. Turn your filters on after 20 or so minutes and you can do a water change if a little worried about shrimp

I have used this in many planted tanks without any harm done to shrimp :)

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I also had this in one of my planted community tanks once. Manually remove as much as you can and do as citycode suggested with the blackout for a few days. That was the only thing that worked for me after battling it for months

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Yes I tried everything too - peroxide, liquid carbon overdose, CO2 overdose, no ferts, ferts, nothing helped only blackout did - your plants will be fine they don't die after 5 days they will be thank you ;)

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Just thought Id update since I had some good cluck .  I tried the recommended product "Chemiclean"      I dosed according to directions and turned out the lights for 48 hours.  When I turned on the lights today here are the results.  If you look at the original post pic and compare to this one, its quite a difference.  The shrimp in the tank are all fine and the snails seem to be fine also. 


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Erythromycin (found in API E.M. Erythromycin) is commonly used to kill off Cyanobacteria. Can't remember if it is invert safe (I think it is), but it is safe for plants and gentle on fish (I hear it's harms the beneficial bacteria pretty bad though, but a established tank should recover just fine, especially if only a low shrimp bioload)


Algaefix is a commonly recommended treatment for stubborn algae, but not sure if it works on Blue Green "Algae", since it's not actually a algae, but a bacteria. Don't remember if it's invert safe either, but safe for plants.


Glad to hear the Chemiclean worked. If I remember correctly, there are 2 different Chemicleans (a red box and a blue box). Which one did you use?


Here is a little "troubleshooter" for algae (has cyano too)


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My box is blue and  an update to the update. The shrimp snails and plants are still fine and the algae all seems to be gone now.  even the little that seemed stuck to the sponge filter after treatment days later has disappeared.

good stuff!

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