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Rilis stopped breeding


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Hello I have red rilis.After I got them first time about ,8 months (10 rilis) they started to breed immediately after I got them,there were constantly breeding.

In the summer I have lost quite a few of the due to high temperature and had to leave the tank unattended for nearly 3 weeks. Although the total population reached around 40-50 shrimps (mainly small shrimps)but they stopped breeding all together.Initially number of the eggs they could hold reduced and I cant see any berries.They have saddles and time to time saddles disappear.I used to see males circling  in the tank to find females but this has stopped too.Whiel they stopped breeding I found a good deal and added 10 small tigers in to the tank.Now the total population is around 50-60 shrimps but only 3-4 of them are bigger than 2 cms.I started with an intank filter and swapped later with a simple sponge filter after I saw first berried shrimp.I have added my old intank filter to help with water parameters. Until recently I used tap water with which has GH 18 and pH 7.8 TDS 450 ( shrimps were happy with these parameters and breeding ) I wanted to improve water quality and when did a 1/3 WC last time added pure rainwater.Now TDS is 320,amonia and nitrites are 0 and nitrate is  less than 5 ppm,pH is now 7.4,tank temp is 26 C


Many thanks for your replies

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I see the GH and TDS is TOO high & hard for these!!! alawa shrimp wpould LOVE these readings by not Neo's for the most part.

Get your number down...slowly. Even thought they were breeding from the start, they were trying to "save themselves"!!!!Like a Lemming syndrome.

I have Red Rili's from Hawaii and mine breed year around, Temperature, sudden water parameter changes, and  to large of tank size will stop their breeding in a heart-beat! I know this very well, I blew a heater and saw NO-one was feeding for two days straight til' I put my finger in their water then checked the T-stat and man it was cold in there (down to 64o) they acted like slow bugs. I replaced their heater to a 25w that same day and everyone was back to the normal feeding schedule within 30hrs. and only feed every other day.

Check all of this and report back soon. I have mastered these Rili's and have upwards of 150+ at any given time from 8 starters 2.5 years back in an 2.8 gallon Fluval spec II.

It's now time to sell some more!!!!

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I keep neos in the range of 6-10 gh.  Alphapro keeps their rilis in gh of 22 and they are breeding fine.  Neos, in general, are very forgiving.  I've also found my neos breed better in TDS of 300 or so.  *shrugs* Different strokes for different folks.

Large tanks means better water parameter stability.  Many professional breeders will have tanks 20L or even larger for a starter colony of 5-10 expensive shrimp for optimal quality and breeding.  They'll find each other.

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