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My new nano bowfront...

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I just came across this 4.5 gallon glass bow front tank that was about to be tossed. It was at one of the LFS I visit on occasion near the back door. I asked about it and was given permission to just get it out of there!!! Here's a pic;

I plan on de-rimming it and having a custom plexi-glass top made for it and of course make a shrimp tank out this D.I.Y. project. I searched for a silmilar tank/size but cannot find anything even close. It looks like a much smaller version of a 16 gallon bow front made by the All-glass aquarium company.




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Looks cute as is to me. :)


I found derimming plastic trim is often not worth my time.  The silicone can be colored and hard to get off, the glass may not line up correctly, and the edges may be sharp.  However, on some the stars align. heh


No matter what you decide to do, nice score!

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Well I have managed to get the bottom rim off with no problems as it was just "spot tacked" in place with black silicone. Now the top rim,,, well it's pretty well siliconed to the max! I have managed to remove most of it (without breaking any sides) and will use a heat gun (looks like a hair wicked dryer!) on the low setting to soften up the rest of the rim pieces and should come off with ease. I have a nano in-tank filter on hand and had bought a 15 watt pre-set sealed heater made by Aqua-top the day I scored this (hey I felt I owed this cool shop something in return). Now all's I need is some kind of clear cover and a light that will grow plants and will look like it was made for it, any idea's???

I will post more pics when it's completely de-rimmed. Thanks for the comments/encouragements

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I've been searching E-bay for clip-on lights for the back side and found some really cool lookin' one's, They are shipped for China and have ordered fro there before with no problem, cost effective too even though I should be supporting U.S, sellers,, Hey all of these LED lights are made there anyhow! post-3228-0-22376600-1450917500_thumb.jp

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