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Shrimpscaping journal

Mihai Kovacs

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Hi ,


My name is Mihai Kovacs , live in Arad , Romania . I love very much shrimps and aquascaping and I try to combine this hobby . I have 1 year experience of  ADA ( I worked at ADA Showroom in Europe ) . My first experience with shrimps was in 2012 , which ended beacuse i moved to Budapest , Hungary . Now I'm back in Romania and will present my shrimp project .



Shrimp tanks :


- 45x30x30 - 40 litres

- Lighting - T5 osram 6500 Kelvin 80w - 1449 cm 

- Substrate-JBL Pro Scapers shrimp soil beige 

- Mineral - Salty Shrimp GH+ , Bacter AE , Mironekuton powder 

- Dennerse 190 Osmose





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Welcome! We are glad to have you, and what a beautiful setup this is! Is this a custom cabinet?

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