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Video of my old 12g


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Nice tank. Do you use CO2? What is the name of the large purple plant?

Thanks! I still use co2 in this tank. However, I only keep neos in it now. The plant I think your reffering to is ludwigia "mini super red".

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Thanks for all the compliments! This tank has undergone several transformations in the last several years. The Amazonia soil is about 3 years old and still buffers the water to a PH of 7.0. It houses my blue diamonds.

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So beautiful . Does the unpleasant plant need co2

im not sure which "unpleasant" plant were you referring too. Lol!! If your talking about the red ludwigia it doesn't require co2 to grow.
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Looks beautiful, must of been one of your first shrimp tanks?

lol! It was actually my second shrimp tank (planted tank converted to shrimp) and first attempt at crs. I failed there!

I started with cherry shrimp back in 2010. They started breeding out of control just using plain tap water. That's when I became fascinated with shrimp. I'll have to find a pic of that tank. It had flourescent gravel and a giant goldfish in it. :)


Here's the old thread for my 12g when I started it



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