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Genchem Astaxanthin?


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My Taiwan Fire RCS colour are slowly getting weaker, even tho I am doing strict selective breeding


a photo taken a couple of months back, here they still nice and red but the red colour isn't as solid anymore




Now I have read a couple of articles and there are some good reviews


So, does anybody used this and have any comments on this product?



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Hi Maurice.  Do you have a pic of your red color now?  For scientific reasons I would love to see it..


Some years back I did a research study on the effects of astaxanthin on yellow neos.  The end result was the astax turned the yellows into a brown streaky mess.


For this reason I made the personal decision not to use any astax in any foods for any of my neos.


Keep in mind, I only did the experiment on yellows, but it would not surprise me in the least if it has some negative effects on other neo colors as well.  In fact, I have been waiting for a thread like this to pop up for years!


I would love to see what your reds look like now after astax use.  And for how long have you been using it?

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Hi Soothing Shrimp.


Here is a pic I took just now after adding some food.

These photos have not been edited.


The females are not as red anymore cause I can see the saddle easier than normal……or am I just going mad and worrying over nothing lol



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Yea, I don't know whats causing it.

I only feed Hikari shrimp cuisine once every second week that has astax in.


W/P are 

PH - 6.8

TDS - 180

GH - 7.5 - SS GH+

KH - 0/1

Amonia - 0

Nitrate - 0


I feed, Shrimp King Complete, SL Aqua more meat, Genchem more white, Biomax baby, Shrimp King Biotase, Hikari shrimp cuisine, IAL, mulberry leaves and Hikari algae wafers.


I want to get Shrimp King colour, but this is full of astax


I think what I am going to try is to separate half the colony and feed them on a high astax diet and see what the difference will be

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my neo's start losing their high dark colour when my pH gets down 7.5

i keep my deep dark red neo's on 8,0 pH and i had tost some in my taiwan bee tanks and the results were dramatic they have lost completely their colour on a pH of 5,7 they are now transparant white :/ (i liked to experiment though :P )

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