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Moss carpet questions


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My mollies in my community tank started digging up my hc carpet and its at the point where i don't think i can save it. But after seeing huge portions of it float away i saw tons of baby shrimp hanging out in it. So i need to replace it with something they can hide out in.

Anyways, i need to carpet a 3"x30" area and was wondering what kind of steel mesh do you buy at the hardware store and what kind of moss makes the best carpet? Thanks!


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I love me some mosses. It depends what kind of look you want. For example there is flame moss that grows veritcally, mini xmas moss that grows busy, java moss that kind of just grows all crazy, etc. Currently there are all kinds of mosses, if you are going for pricing you might want to stick with one of the more common mosses: java, flame, xmas, taiwan.


I prefer T316 SS Mesh (its what Han Sells). I think you can buy it in bulk from places like grainger

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