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Looking for Zebra Nerite Snails

Shrimple minded

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$5!?!? Holy potatoes. $2 for any patterned horned nerite over here in San Jose.

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O.K. all members I'll invest some $$$ and depending on request & post them on here in the "Marketpalce Ads" in late February, theses are full grown specimens especially the zebra, spotted & tire track nerite type's,,,, this store I'm getting them from is in the process of a relocation in February so it will take a little bit to get these. I will charge $2.75 per snail {for my investment & time/gas + actual shipping cost per postal zip-code zone} whether it be Horned {3 types, black, stripped, etc.}, Zebra {3 types, tire track, spotted, zebra} or solid Olive's {the lateral can tolerate brackish water up to 1.008 S.G. for breeding} other's they may sell as well. Don't know til' I visit... 

Got to "Denny's Pet World" Washington state, "Google it" please as they have been family owned in the Pet industry business for well over 37+ years!!! This is a significant move for them as they've rented this space for this amount of time but their space will now be demolished due to progress (Chinese investor in this mall area) they will move to warehouse type building {looks like a single warehouse type metal-framed building, will post pics too!}

So please put in a request for amount and type so I know how many to purchase and what's wanted.


Ohhh BTW where is the original poster who want these first as he takes percidense....

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