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Hi everyone.  In a few months I am thinking of starting my first shrimp tank.  I have been keeping fish for about 3 years now and wanted to expand my hobby.  I have tons of questions though.


1) For filtration, would a double sponge filter be a good choice?

2) I was thinking of starting with a 10 gallon, would that be a good choice or would a 20 gallon be better?

3) What temperature water do shrimp like?

4) I want to keep Neocaridina shrimp, can I mix the different breeds of them together?

5) If I am unable to keep the different breeds together, what breed would you recommend to start with?

6) Would purchasing 10-15 shrimp and allowing them to breed be a good idea to populate the rest of the tank?

7) Live plants vs. No plants (I've read many forums debating on whether or not you need them)

8) I know many fish will eat shrimp but I have read that you can keep Otocinclus Catfish with them, is this true?


Sorry for all the questions, I just want to start of the correct way instead of having many shrimp deaths.


Thank you all in advance!

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HMF filter

20 gallon long


No mixing neos

Fire reds and super tigers or tangerine tigers

in my experience starting off with 20 builds a faster colony than starting ofd with 10

Live plants always a plus get plenty of moss

ottos are considered by most to be the only truly shrimp safe fish

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What is an HMF filter?  Also, to grow moss, is that a low light plant or would I need a more high tech system?  Thanks for responding so quickly by the way

Java moss seems to grow in anything. You can tie it to something or just let it float. And if you don't have it locally (like we didn't) there are forum members who can set you up.

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Do not mix the colors of neos, they will eventually revert back to their wild color morph of, well... blah. A 20g long tank is a popular choice, but a 10 would be perfectly fine for 100's of shrimps. Shrimp love plants!


Otos will compete with shrimp for algae, just saying.

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