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Hello from France


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Hello from France,

Let me introduce myself.


My name is Stephane,


I am the owner of the company Léa Aqua Diffusion.

I am the developer brands L'Bee (for shrimp) and L'Tropika (for fish) and the distributor of the brand Shrimp Nature for France, Belgium and Switzerland.

I'm a big impassion of aquariums in general. I had several aquarium fresh water to salt water.

I am impassion by corydoras, the moss, the bucephanlandra, discus and shrimp.

I knew this forum, by what the IP address is often came to visit my online store.

Then I saw that some of you talk about the brand L'Bee also on the forums and I know Eric Discobee home also.

So much for my little presentation;)


Looking forward to reading you


Best regards

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Welcome Stephane! We are incredibly happy to have you. I am a HUGE fan of Shrimp Nature products, nothing but great results.

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Thank you, yes the Shrimp Nature range is very well done, with very good products, and I am also counting.
I only used my brand products L'Bee and Shrimp Nature and I have very good results. ;)

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Welcome to TSS Stephane! Yes, there has been some buzz going on these forums about your products. I am sure as hobbyist we are excited that they finally made it to the US!


Yes I read it on the forum Jem ;)
I am delighted also that the products coming to the US.
And I'm sure Eric (DisocBee) will do a good job.
Otherwise you can follow the news on Facebook, which is in English and French for the moment.
To hear from you ;)
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Welcome to the forum Stephane, I am the Usa distributor for Shrimp Nature, and owner of www.buypetshrimp.com. Nice to have you and your products here

Thank you very much for your welcome and for my brand products for shrimp.Super Shrimp Nature products and also happy to talk with Shrimp Nature distributor


products are up on the site with descriptions of each, just havent had a moment for some nice high quality site photos. (thanks day job)



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