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Tiger shrimp not breeding


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I would appreciate some feedback from those of you who have bred tiger shrimp.


I've had these for about 7 weeks now; when I got them two or three were adults.  Maybe it's just too soon to be expecting anything, but I'm surprised I haven't seen any of them as berried.  Cherry shrimp are breeding and birthing like crazy in the same tank.


Here are my tank parameters:


nitites/ammo - neg

nitrates - 5

KH 3

GH 4

pH 7.0 to 7.2

TDS 78

temp 74


I'm thinking maybe the GH is too low or pH too high.  I really do not want to try to manipulate the tank chemically when the cherries are doing so well unless I have no choice.


On the other hand, maybe I'm prematurely anxious about it and they just need more time.  TIA for sharing your thoughts.   :)

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Sarah, I'm using RO water, hence the low GH and TDS.  I've considered using some tap water (which is very hard) during water changes to see if that would bring those numbers up a bit, but just haven't tried it.


Probably you're right and it's too early to be fretting, but it can't hurt for me to get some feedback on the water anyway.

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Heh maybe its a tiger thing.  All three of my tanks are breeding but the oebt tank.   Im not going to worry about it till spring though.  I know the shrimp slow way down in the winter.

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Yes and no.


For multiple years I had heaters in the tanks and kept the tanks a constant temperature.  The light was controlled as well.


A couple years ago I removed the heaters and lights come on randomly.


Both yielded the same result of the neos taking time off during the winter.

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well your neos sent the note to my Tigers!!!!   My carbons are breeding but verryyyyy slowly.  Like one might get pregnant per month or 6 weeks.   Mayphlys tiatibees  or however its spelled though believe in keeping their momma shrimp barefoot and pregnant. they reberry almost as soon as they have babies.   

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Tigers are generally easy to breed, but when you get into the higher grades like Royal and OEBTs it gets a bit more iffy.  They sometimes take a bit more time than CRS to get used to their environments and hence won't breed right away.  Give them time....I have Pinto Mischlings and Fancy Tigers and mine aren't breeding either and its been 4 months.  Shrimpkeeping teaches you patience!   They will do it when they feel its right for them, but that won't be on your schedule.  LOL.

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This has been a really interesting (and funny) conversation.  I think the best advice is patience, something I wish I could just go buy at the store...


I don't know why I started worrying about it.   There are cherries being born almost daily, it seems, in the same tank and if that isn't enough fun then I'm in the wrong game!  Truth is, I'm starting to wonder what I've gotten myself into.  I obviously didn't take a hard look at the math.  Cherries everywhere, so if the tigers are feeling subdued for whatever reason it's probably a blessing in disguise.


Candlelight and romantic music are lovely.  Chocolate will likely seal the deal.

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